Anyone interested in having a complete holiday, Rwanda is the ideal place to be. This is a country that has almost everything in the cabin that the holiday maker needs to make his/her holiday a thrilling one. Rwanda has something to offer when it comes to a lively tour. It has very nice hangouts that are exquisite and exciting. It has a range of cafeteria where visitors can grab a bite and also take a cup of coffee around. The most common ones are café neo, la brioche, Ogopogo, papyrus in Kigali, and Thai jazz, Bakini tam tam in Gisenyi and many more. There are also night clubs to blow your mind and groove to good music both African and western. Some of these clubs include le must, planet club, new Cadillac. In Kigali there is also a very popular beach at Lake Kivu where the travelers have a picnic, sunbath and swim. These mass tourist sites make the traveler to forget about their worries and have fun in Rwanda to the fullest.

Rwanda has a lot to travelers that are interested in ecotourism with 3 national parks, variety of ecotourism sites including historical and cultural sites that are also in presence. These three national parks have different wildlife to offer and while on a Rwanda Safari Tour, it is best for one to visit the three of the national parks to have a complete wildlife ecosafari.  Rwanda has Volcanoes National Park (PNV) which is located in Ruhengeri district in the northeast. This is the home to the mountain gorillas and the unique golden monkeys. Mountain gorillas are one of the most tracked animals in their natural environment in the world and at the visitor’s encounter; he/she is assured of an exhilarating experience.  The golden monkeys at the base of volcanoes national park are a nutrient to the eye sight as they are sparkling to watch with their playful character and beautiful color on the bodies.

There is also Nyungwe Forest National Park in the northwest which is the home to 13 different species of primates but the most notable ones are the chimpanzees which can act as a substitute if the visitor misses out on gorilla tracking. They give the visitor almost the same experience as the gorillas since they also belong to the ape world, the closest cousins of mankind but only that the chimpanzee live on trees and are fast in their movements so it makes their tracking not more satisfying as the gorillas that live on the ground and also slow in the movement.

This country also has a common national game park in which is the oldest park in Rwanda. On the game drive in this wonderful park, one gets an opportunity to see giraffes, buffaloes, elephants, elands and antelopes. The lion was recently introduced and the rhinos are in contention. This is park gives visitors a rare sight of common exotic animals in their natural setting. It also has another experience of behind scenes whereby visitors are walked through background and development of the national park since its inception.

With tourist attractions, there are must be amenities in place that make the safari a complete holiday package and this is not much of a problem in Rwanda as it has wonderful accommodation settings nearby its major tourist sites so a visitor can never fail to get where to stay while on his/her safari. The transport structure is also well streamed for the traveler as they are very many tours and travel companies offering 4×4 car rental services complementary to safari holiday packages and also the roads in Rwanda are in good shape.

With all that straight up a Rwanda safari is a complete thrilling holiday package for any visitor around the globe.